Martin Fritz Huber

Why Are Adventure Sports So Boring to Watch?

For those of us who fancy ourselves among the cognoscenti of niche “Olympic” sports like running or skiing (a list that now also includes climbing, surfing, and skateboarding) the ephemeral uptick in...

Race Your Way Around the World

For those seeking inspiration, here's a list of stellar international races you can do on your own travel schedule—one for each continent.

How to Improve Your Running Life

"Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure," goes the maxim, typically attributed to Petrarch. Obviously, the man had running on his mind. While the psychological release and physical...

Should You Run With a Hangover?

Oscar Wilde was definitely onto something when he noted that, “alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, may produce all the effects of drunkenness.” Unfortunately, sufficient quantities of alcohol...

5 People Saving Running's Reputation

The sport of distance running certainly has its problems, but an excess of media coverage is not one of them. Unlike the "Big 4" American sports leagues, from which there is no reprieve, mainstream...

How to Pick a (Marathon) Major

As sporting events go, one of the most appealing aspects of the marathon is that it allows amateurs to participate in the same race as the best of the best. This is unusual, to say the least. Yes, it...

Tested: Nike’s New Self-Lacing Shoe

Nike's new self-lacing shoe is cool, but we're wondering whether the technology— Nicknamed E.A.R.L. for electro-reactive-adaptive-lacing—is here to stay.

A Beautiful (But Brutal) Multi-Day Race in Antarctica

Nature writer and Explorers Club fellow Barry Lopez once wrote that Antarctica’s landscape “retained Earth’s primitive link, however tenuous, with space, with the void that stretched out to Jupiter...


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