Martin Fritz Huber

Martin Fritz Huber

The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2018

We reached out to a bunch of coaches, editors, trend forecasters, and some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry to tell us what they think will be trending in 2018.

The Best Running Moments of 2017

Until recently, being a running fan in the United States was a pretty melancholy experience. How things have changed.

We Shouldn't Care Where a Runner Is Born

In October, two-time Olympic medalist Galen Rupp won the Chicago Marathon, becoming the first American man to do so since Khalid Khannouchi broke the tape in Grant Park in 2002.

So Long, Meb!

Others were faster, but nobody was better.

Tracksmith's Unapologetic Elitism

On its website, apparel company Tracksmith describes itself as a "champion for the Running Class." Who belongs in this mysterious demographic?

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