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Rosie J. Spinks

Rosie J. Spinks


Say Goodbye to Running Injuries Forever

As sensor technology improves and becomes more practical, so does the ability of coaches and athletes to collect—and react to—more nuanced data.

Rosie J. Spinks
Jan 26, 2015

Will Squat for Selfies

A "#fitness" selfie now qualifies as a training tool. Go ahead and be vain. (You probably think this story's about you, don't you?)

Rosie J. Spinks
Jun 5, 2014

The Female Runner’s Conundrum

Street harassment will ruin a perfectly good jog, and most female runners have experienced this before. So what are we going to do about it?

Rosie J. Spinks
May 13, 2014

Try a Treadmill with a View

New research suggests that some of the physiological benefits of working out outside can be mimicked by adaptions to an indoor routine.

Rosie J. Spinks
May 1, 2014