Peter Andrey Smith

Feeling Stressed? Try an Anger Room.

I slammed the aluminum bat into the laptop. Pieces of the shattered screen bounced on the metal table. Whack! Whack! Whack! The keys popped off. The display detached. Each time the bat landed, a...

My Weekend at a Conference for the Super-Happy

Americans spend $11 billion a year in pursuit of the blissful happy-ever-after. But what do we really accomplish? To find out, Peter Andrey Smith embedded with the utopia seekers for a weekend in...

Know Thyself

Don’t let the Theranos saga fool you: we’ve entered a new era of self-quantification, in which on-demand blood testing is sold as the easy way to fine-tune your training and nutrition. Can an...

Fitness probiotics workout swimming sex drive

Performance-Enhanced and Sex-Driven

Probiotics are back (yes, there were once a thing) and a growing number of companies claim that by adding live microorganisms, bacteria does the body good.

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