David Despain

David Despain


Cheat on Your Diet (or Else!)

On some gut level, you already know that trends like “raw,” “alkaline,” and the “warrior diet” are useless—harmful, even. Here’s why you keep falling for them and how to stop the cycle once and for...

David Despain
Apr 24, 2015

Should You Swap Your Coffee for Yerba Mate?

The herb offers a caffeine fix similar to that of coffee, plus vitamins and other beneficial plant compounds. But you have to get over the hay-like smell, wood chip taste--and potential health...

David Despain
Mar 31, 2015

Should You Be Taking Probiotics?

Microbes are now being hawked to athletes to prevent sickness and improve recovery. We talked to experts to separate hype from fact.

David Despain
Mar 5, 2015

The New Science Behind Low-Carb Training

Endurance and team-sport athletes who train low tend to experience weakness, fatigue, and poor performance. But a new strategy called “sleeping low” might give athletes an edge without the pain and...

David Despain
Feb 27, 2015

The Unintended Consequences of Noise

For more than a decade, National Park Service scientists Kurt Fristrup and Dan Mennit, along with Colorado State University researchers, have been monitoring background noise levels at around 600...

David Despain
Feb 24, 2015

Everything You Know About Breakfast Is Wrong

Think breakfast helps kick-start metabolism and boosts weight loss? These are widely believed myths not supported by evidence, scientists say. But breakfast does deserve high marks for increasing...

David Despain
Jun 6, 2014

The Really Weird Trend of Breast Milk as Energy Beverage

There are grown men who drink breast milk. For some, it’s undoubtedly a kink. But for others, it’s something else: a “God-given” performance-enhancing elixir—and believers are paying top dollar for...

David Despain
Jun 4, 2014

The Surprising Reason Gluten-Free Diets Actually Work

You’ve been told that gluten-free diets are a fraud. That the science is settled. That it’s just the placebo effect. If so, how can the miraculous recoveries be explained? Enter the FODMAP, a rarely...

David Despain
May 27, 2014

Sugar Is Not the Enemy

Fed Up is the latest portrayal of added sugars as dietary villain. But is sugar really the cause of obesity, or is it overall diet and lack of physical activity?

David Despain
May 20, 2014