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OutsideOnline train do you know how hard work out Office of Disease Prevention an Physical Activity Guidelines fo Heart and Stroke Foundation Faculty of Health at York Unive Canada intensity level underestimate treadmill run runner

Do You Know How Hard You Work Out?

Six years have passed since the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion published Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Researchers funded in part by a grant from the Heart and...

OutsideOnline Duluth Minn. Minnesota Rudy Hummel slept outside 365 consecutive days sleep outdoors triangular tree platfrom treehouse night three hundred sixty five stars Best Towns finalist

365 Nights Outside

Minnesota winters are brutal, even if you have a warm house and a cozy bed to while away the cold nights. Which is why it's remarkable—or maybe just crazy—that a 17-year-old Boy Scout...

OutsideOnline rat maze trick experiment experience regret food snack reward good option wheel-spoke Redish Labs neuroscientists bread cherry scramble foodie paused look back could have been

Animals Feel Regret

That rodent feeding off crumbs in your basement may regret its choice of bread instead of whatever snacks rats crave.

OutsideOnline roadkill WVC Reporter Utah browser view geo-tag tagged tag geo geography terrain wildlife-vehicle collisions data visualize mapped map roadkill smartphone-based system citizen scientists dead animal pattern

New App Geotags Roadkill

Thanks to a new app from WVC Reporter, you'll never have to be grossed out by roadkill again. The smartphone-based system for citizen scientists was referenced by a report in PLOS ONE this week and...

OutsideOnline Yucatan peninsula Mexico The Guarding Serpent Caribbean barrier reef artificial world's largest coast Quintana Roo Kan-Kanán marine species 13 000 ten-ton pyramid structures drop seafloor Puerto Morelos hollow guard life construction underway underwater

World's Largest Artificial Reef Underway

More than 1,000 hollow 10-ton concrete pyramids will house some 13,450 marine species off the coast of Quintana Roo in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula when the world's largest artificial reef is finished...

OutsideOnline Apollo moon mission Buggy Pacific International Space Cen Executive Director Rob Kelso vi Big Island Hawaii lunar landscape train training photos surface unpublished released astronauts roving vehicle 1971 Apollo 17

Apollo Mission Photos Surface

PISCES executive director Rob Kelso recently rummaged around Johnson Space Center and came across previously unpublished photos of desert-booted astronauts trekking across Apollo Valley on Hawaii's...

OutsideOnline gondola Bolivia La Paz El Alton commute 10-minute 30-minute swing swings 13 615-foot congested roadway alternative Dopplemayer ANF Noticias Fides YouTube Bolivians operates transports six miles spans hours-a-day commuters-an-hour commuters

World's Highest Gondola Open

The first portion of the world's highest gondola officially opened yesterday at 13,615 feet, from La Paz to El Alton, Bolivia. A commute that took Bolivians some 30 minutes by congested roadway now...

OutsideOnline Twitter The White House @whitehouse #ActOnClimate climate change act 30-percent reduction carbon pollution power sector 2030 EPA Environmental Protection Agency now time

EPA Proposes Coal-Fired Regulations

Search #ActOnClimate on Twitter and see @WhiteHouse's social media response to the official proposal issued this morning by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Gina McCarthy for our...

OutsideOnline Virgin Galactic Richard Branson CEO clears launch cleared ground control FAA SuperDraco engine 500-million-dollar upgrade Jornada del Muerto desert basin New Mexico signed agreement space trip flight first SpaceShipTwo Spaceport America

One Step Closer to Space Tourism

The agreement licenses Galactic to operate like a commercial airline, but Richard Branson and Co. cannot yet schedule regular flights into space. Bieber must wait another day (or year) until the...

OutsideOnline Asian small-clawed otters lead compose classical Bach piano organ dark sublime middle C sharp flat high-C rework style melody keyboard Smithsonian National Zoo #ZooEnrichment hashtag zoo enrichment program

Piano-Playing Otters at National Zoo

Many classical music aficionados deem Bach the supreme gothic composer on the pipe organ, but even he can't compete with the gaggle of keyboardists who are quickly gaining popularity at the National...

OutsideOnline NASA Earth Day 2014 trend Twitter Facebook Instagram seflie unselfish look globe global 360 degree visualization visual visualized data 36 422 individual images photos photographs Snapshots 3.2 gigapixels data

#GlobalSelfie Trend Visualized

The 360-degree mosaic of 36,422 selfies spanning 3.2 gigapixels of data answers the explorer's question, "Where are you on Earth right now?"

OutsideOnline Saltuarius eximius rock rainforests gecko Australia leafy leaf-tailed camouflage top 10 species discovered found past year 2014 SUNY scientists International Institute Species Exploration College of Environmental Scienc

Top 10 New Species Announced

Scientists from the International Institute for Species Exploration at SUNY just announced the top 10 species discovered during the past year. A committee of taxonomists and experts...

OutsideOnline PetMatch Superfish PetFinder connect look-alike dead dog deceased puppy pup miss your Rocky Shaquille Truffle match facial recognition technology Snapchat-y interface similarity distance users pet

PetMatch App Finds Look-Alike Dogs

PetMatch, now available in the iTunes App Store from Superfish, integrates a Snapchat-like interface with facial recognition technology to connect users with adoptable...