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OutsideOnline Mount St. Helens eruption 1980 volcano erupts plane photograph unpublished The Oregonian Richard Bowen ash cloud blast radius

Mount St. Helens Photos Surface

Mount St. Helens erupted for the first time in 100 years just two months earlier, and when Tara Bowen woke up to a smoke signal over her Portland home and told her father to look out the window,...

OutsideOnline Next Gen Next Generation Science Standar education big hand crude crude oil derrick drilling pad drilling rig energy exploration gas gas production gas well industrial industry natural gas oil oil patch oil well oilfield pad petrochemical Petroleum platform production rig tower USA wells Wyoming Rocky Mountains

Wyoming Rejects Science Standards

The founder of Wyoming's conservative political arm, Liberty Group, says the Next Generation Science Standards—adopted thus far by 11 states and the District of Columbia (which means those...

OutsideOnline time trial cycle cycling men's The Hour Hour Record UCI ruling new regulations aero bike bars disc wheels helmets record stand prestigious most endurance competition Union Cycliste Internationale

Aero Bikes Back on the Hour Track

Challengers can now ride their endurance competition bikes on the track (equipped with aerobars, disc wheels, and aero helmets) and have their record stand.

OutsideOnline bounce runners Sierra Nevada mountain range Coastal mts peak bouncing seismic activity groundwater depletion millimeter rise meet runner levels drought

Sierra Nevadas on the Rise

GPS stations atop the Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges revealed a steady rise—10 millimeters in the past seven years—of the mountains' peaks. A study published in Nature yesterday credits...

OutsideOnline Snowbird Utah Cummings Cumming family sold Park City Mountain resort ski skier in air Salt Lake City Talisker Powdr corporations corp. owned dispute lawsuit ski basin

Snowbird Sold to Owners of Park City

The majority share of Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort in Utah sold yesterday to the Cumming family, owners of Powdr Corporation and whose family flag most notably flies on the northeast side of...

OutsideOnline Galapagos islands oil spill tanker freighter Jessica 2001 San Cristóbal 2014 Ecuador Ecuadorean threat direct rocks swing puncture fuel crude diesel cargo hole

Freighter Runs Aground in Galapagos

An Ecuadorean freighter carrying 16,000 gallons of fuel ran aground in Shipwreck Bay off the coast—we're talking in terms of feet—of San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands, on Friday.

OutsideOnline Flying Off Everest flying off Everest journey from sea summit sherpas Dave Costello Dave Costello 8 months Bay of Bengal Ganges river kayak paraglide paraglider climb peak ocean sea Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa Sano Babu Sunuwar Nepali flag base camp

Everest Climbers in Flight

It’s typically Western climbers who grab the spotlight when performing stunts on Mount Everest (see: Ogwyn, Joby). So it may be no surprise that when, in 2011, two Sherpas stood near Everest’s summit...

OutsideOnline baby robins birds can't find way electromagnetic pollution humans manmade frequency frequencies radio AM device electronic noise

Birds Can't Find Their Way

Wavelength interference from electronics and AM radio stations disrupt the internal magnetic compasses of European migratory birds, a report published in Nature yesterday says.

OutsideOnline Odyssey Marine Exploration gold bars still leaks sunken Ship of Gold SS Central America

Sunken "Ship of Gold" Still Leaks

A marine exploration company just signed an exclusive excavate-and-recover contract for the SS Central America (and the millions of dollars worth of gold on board).

OutsideOnline salt tequila global risk factors non-communicable diseases deaths millions alcohol

Sober Up for Cinco de Mayo

On top of a global lime shortage, a proposed alcohol and salt cutback is bad news for all of our friends celebrating Cinco de Mayo hoy.

OutsideOnline solar bikini charge smartphone jewelry window shop New York

Solar Bikini Charges Smartphones

You compulsively check the new SnapChat at the beach—and your phone dies. Bummer, dudes, but for women looking to power their smartphones (and drop $500 to 1,500) without missing a watt of...

OutsideOnline smog haze ozone clouds eastern China pollution pollutants Google Earth

Ozone Report Released Stateside

Air pollutants took two major blows on both sides of the globe this week. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Obama (and the Environmental Protection Agency) to regulate the...