Anna Callaghan

Our Favorite Environmentally Friendly Jean Companies

Most jeans are terrible for the environment. In fact, you need 900 gallons of water—or 257 toilet flushes—to make a single pair. Producing indigo dye requires a toxic sequence that begins with...

Our 9 Favorite Summer Dresses

Some people have to wear pants in the summer because their job requires it. But why would anyone ever choose the cover their legs if they didn't have to? For those lucky enough to air it out, here...

Our Favorite Women's T-Shirts

Country songs have long talked about women wearing their "man's" T-shirts. I say to hell with that. Nowadays, there are lots of high-quality, smartly tailored, and feathery-soft T-shirts just for...

The Alpinist: Melissa Arnot Reid

In 2005, at the end of Melissa Arnot Reid’s first month working as a guide for Rainier Mountaineering, the 21-year-old walked into her boss’s office to quit. That month offered both an introduction...

Reality TV at 29,000 Feet

'Everest Rescue' is an inside look at a very risky job—performing high-altitude helicopter rescues on the tallest mountain in the world

The Fastest Athletes on the Planet

Kyle Wester broke the world speed record for skateboarding earlier this fall—but we wanted to see how his miles-per-hour compared to other sports

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