Anna Callaghan

Anna Callaghan

Anna is a freelance writer and filmmaker based in Boulder, Colorado.


The Best Women's Running Shorts

Contrary to popular belief, everyone can wear running shorts––it's just a matter of finding the ones that fit your body

Anna Callaghan
Sep 19, 2019

Climbers Presumed Dead on Flanks of Nanda Devi East

A week and a half after they were last heard from, eight mountaineers attempting the unclimbed Peak 6477 on the flanks of 24,389-foot Nanda Devi East in the Indian Himalaya are now presumed dead

Anna Callaghan
Jun 6, 2019

How to Fund Your Adventure

Funding your dream trip can be expensive, but if you know where to look, your next big idea might just be free.

Anna Callaghan
Sep 10, 2018

800 Miles with Bears Ears Prayer Runners

Everyone ran the final miles to Bears Ears together. It was a sunny, blue-sky day in March, and 45 pairs of feet shuffled down a road of soft red dirt, kicking up a dust cloud.

Anna Callaghan
Aug 8, 2018

10 Reasons Why Alaska Airlines Is Our Favorite Carrier

It's a good sign when your airline of choice makes headlines for excellence (the Points Guy ranked the carrier the best in the U.S. for the second year in a row) and not for, um, dogs dying in its...

Anna Callaghan
Jul 1, 2018

Our Favorite Pee Funnels

Whatever the reason, it's pretty liberating to be able to drink as much water as you want without having to take into consideration your future pee opportunities.

Anna Callaghan
Jun 6, 2018