Anna Callaghan

Anna Callaghan

Anna is a freelance writer and filmmaker based in Boulder, Colorado.


So You Want to Get a Bidet

The countrywide TP shortages inspired us to see if we've been missing out on the ultimate camping bathroom hack

Anna Callaghan
Apr 29, 2020

Even Mount Everest Is Shutting Down

An official declaration from Nepal's Department of Immigration confirms that the world's highest peak will be closed for the season due to coronavirus concerns

Anna Callaghan and Matt Skenazy
Mar 12, 2020

Rock Climbers Need the Equivalent of Avy 1 Training

On February 24, registration opened for a series of climbing courses in an effort to standardize teaching the sport and help gym climbers transition to the outdoors in a safe way

Anna Callaghan
Feb 24, 2020

The Toughest Mountaineer on Earth

After Kirstie Ennis lost her leg, she climbed some of the hardest mountains in the world. And she’s just getting started.

Anna Callaghan
Nov 22, 2019

The ABCs of SOS

When—and how—should you call in search and rescue?

Anna Callaghan
Nov 5, 2019

The Best Women's Running Shorts

Everyone can find a pair that fits perfectly, whether you prefer compression, roomy cuts, full coverage, or a barely there fit

Anna Callaghan
Sep 19, 2019