Whitney L. James

Whitney L. James

Whitney James (@whitneyljames) does marketing at Outside GO. She is an avid outdoors and endorphin junkie and enjoys writing about it at whitneyljames.com.


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5 Skate Ski Essentials

While skate skiing gets a bad rep for being exceptionally difficult to learn, having the right gear is the first step to gliding your way into endorphin-induced bliss.

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The Last of the True Cowboys?

It takes six pairs of boots, 240 horseshoes, and 24 months to ride on horseback the span of half of North America. Canadian cowboy Filipe Leite, the newest member of the historic Long Rider's Guild,...

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This Horse Does Yoga

If you thought coed naked yoga was a little out there, consider equine yoga, in which humans and horses practice the ancient tradition simultaneously (although it's not apparent how much...

SeaWorld Orcas Drugged with Valium

SeaWorld's ongoing legal fiasco continues as court documents surfaced reporting the use of Valium and other tranquilizers on killer whales, most recently on an inbred orca named Ikaika.

Beefalo Are Destroying the Grand Canyon

A herd of up to 450 bison hybrids is causing a ruckus in Grand Canyon National Park and surrounding areas. First introduced in the early 1900s, the cattle-bison mix were part of a failed experiment...

Vitamin D Could Save Your Life

Two studies on vitamin D recently released in the British Medical Journal offer new insights about the benefits of the sunshine nutrient. Long believed to play a vital role in the cardiovascular and...

Tiny House Dating

Not everyone can live comfortably in a 200-square-foot space, but for people who can, finding a small-minded mate (pun intended) can be difficult. Enter Tiny House Dating, a new dating social network...

Cuvier Beaked Whales

Whale Sets Diving Record

Researchers from the Cascadia Research Collective have tracked a new record-setting dive by the Cuvier's beaked whale.


Huckberry Launches Explorer's Grants

Purveyors of trendy and coveted gear for men, online retailer Huckberry is now sponsoring adventures. Born in an apartment three years ago, the bootstrapped company boasts an in-house climbing wall...

Climbers to Stop Trashing Everest

Beginning this April, Nepalese officials are requiring climbers on Mount Everest to haul 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds) of garbage off the mountain in an effort to clean up decades of trash buildup. The...

Tiger Angry Attack

Death Warrant for Man-Eating Tiger

Officials in Uttar Pradesh, India, have issued a shoot-to-kill order for a tigress that has killed 10 people since early December. The four-year-old Royal Bengal tiger has attacked villagers of all...

Can Wind Farms Fight Hurricanes?

Students at Stanford University have discovered that placing wind turbines off shorelines can reduce a hurricane’s wind surface by up to 80 percent. The study, published in the journal Nature...