Whitney L. James

Whitney L. James

Whitney James (@whitneyljames) does marketing at Outside GO. She is an avid outdoors and endorphin junkie and enjoys writing about it at whitneyljames.com.


Whale Tail I'm on the Whale Tra

Whip-Slapped by a Whale

Whale watching is usually a subdued, hands-off experience. Not for Nova Scotia native Chelsea Crawford, who was slapped in the head by the tail of a humpback whale off the Southern California coast...

Hops Shortage Threatens Craft Brewers

In 2013, 2,500 craft breweries spanned the country—nearly 500 more than just two years previously. Now farmers in Washington are wondering if their hops will keep up with demand.

Outside Online Whiskey

Is White Whiskey Campfire Worthy?

No matter which way you spell it, putting the word ‘white’ before our favorite spirit makes one big lick of difference. This boozy trend involves interrupting the normal whiskey-making process before...

A New Way to Gather Sap

Vermont harvesters won’t have to venture far into the forest to find mature maple trees to procure maple syrup. Researchers at the University of Vermont have discovered a new way to gather...

Russian Vodka Kills

New research explains why Russian men have the lowest life expectancy in the world. Apparently when you drink three bottles of vodka per week, your chances of a long life are slim. As a result of...

Sloth Mysteries Revealed

Sloths are adorably lazy, always remember to eat their greens, and are Kristen Bell’s spirit animal. And now, research is revealing some interesting facts about this slow species.

Dolphins' Surprising Power Output

 A dolphin can produce about 5,400 watts of power; that’s roughly ten times more than the most fit human athletes produce, according to a study by the Journal of Experimental...

Drones Aid Conservation

Conservation just got a tech upgrade. Airware, the company behind the next generation of autopilot platform commercial drones, is putting its gadgets to good use by guarding the seven remaining...