Will Egensteiner

Will Egensteiner

Our Favorite Space-Age Tent

I believe that equipment shouldn’t be overbuilt. Which makes me the last guy you’d expect to go gaga for a German-made tent that looks like it was designed for a mission to Mars.

The Best Fuel of 2017

Performance snacks get a natural makeover. [photo]2120806[/photo] AlpineAire Guacamole Thanks to the geniuses at Alpine-Aire, guac is no longer a luxury reserved for glamping with...

Patagonia Merino Air Base Layer

Patagonia’s gossamer new base layer is insanely light and airy, but, thanks to a new manufacturing technique, it’s just as warm as its heavier competitors.

The 3 Challenges of Kayaking Around South America

On May 1, almost four years after she shoved into the surf off the coast of Buenos Aires and began a clockwise path around the world’s fourth-largest continent, Freya Hoffmeister pulled into port...

Antarctic Ice Shelf in Danger of Collapsing

A study published Tuesday in the Cryosphere found that one of Antarctica’s largest ice shelves is at “imminent risk” of collapse. If the Larsen C shelf, which is twice the size of Hawaii, were to...

Ramble On: Classic Day-Trip Gear

No matter where in the 59-park-strong system your explorations take you, there are some nonnegotiable things you’ll need to bring along.

GoPro’s Epic Falls

POV footage shot on a GoPro and captured everywhere from the summit of Everest down to almost 1,000 feet underwater is now ubiquitous. With the abuse their owners put them through in pursuit of...

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