Will Egensteiner

Will Egensteiner


The 3 Challenges of Kayaking Around South America

This month, German Freya Hoffmeister became the first kayaker to circumnavigate the continent, paddling through everything from gale-force winds to ship-clogged canals.

Will Egensteiner
May 14, 2015

Antarctic Ice Shelf in Danger of Collapsing

A study published Tuesday in the Cryosphere found that one of Antarctica’s largest ice shelves is at “imminent risk” of collapse. If the Larsen C shelf, which is twice the size of Hawaii, were to...

Will Egensteiner
May 13, 2015

Ramble On: Classic Day-Trip Gear

No matter where in the 59-park-strong system your explorations take you, there are some nonnegotiable things you’ll need to bring along.

Will Egensteiner
Apr 28, 2015

GoPro’s Epic Falls

POV footage shot on a GoPro and captured everywhere from the summit of Everest down to almost 1,000 feet underwater is now ubiquitous. With the abuse their owners put them through in pursuit of...

Will Egensteiner
Apr 24, 2015

Nepal Announces Improvements on Everest

The chief of Nepal's Mountaineering Department on Monday announced several changes to the way operations will be carried out on Everest this season, including better weather forecasting and security...

Will Egensteiner
Feb 23, 2015

Another USRA Marathon in Doubt

Controversy continues to dog the USRA Half Marathon Series and its founder, Dean Reinke. Runner's World reports that the URSA does not have the necessary permits to hold a half marathon scheduled for...

Will Egensteiner
Dec 10, 2014

5 Top Flu-Fighting and Cold-Crushing Foods

Come winter, your diet can determine whether you'll end up bedridden with a cold or the flu. Stave off seasonal ill-ness with these immunity-boosting foods.

Will Egensteiner
Nov 20, 2014

Activists Claim Moscow Sea Park Torturing Orcas

According to the Daily Beast, orcas are reportedly living in rusty tanks, and park visitors heard "horrifying screams" and loud splashing. When the activists approached the locked gate,...

Will Egensteiner
Oct 28, 2014