Dylan Silver

Dylan Silver is a California-based writer and photographer. When he's not interviewing for a real job, he likes to surf, snowboard, paddle, and fly fish. He prefers Instagram over Twitter, but lives in an area without cell service.

Your Mud-Ready Fall Outfit

Fall. The time of brilliant foliage, crisp days—and mud. Thankfully, there's plenty of gear that can withstand the muck.

Blowing Up: Inflatable Gear of the Future

Inflatable gear is nothing new. You probably have a Therm-a-Rest or blow-up raft currently stored in your gear shed. Now, designers are getting more creative with their inflatable designs.

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How to Win the World Espresso Brew-Off

With the World Barista Championships just around the corner, a UK scientist and a Bath barista champion believe they have found the secret to the perfect brew.

The Best Spring Hikes in Yosemite

Yosemite National Park offers arguably the most scenic hiking in the country. The only challenge? Picking which trail to hike.

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