Patrick Symmes

Patrick Symmes

Patrick Symmes is the author of The Boys from Dolores and Chasing Che.


Sailing from Haiti to Miami

When you're crossing to Florida the hard way–across 800 miles of water, with six people and no motor, in a 21-foot handmade open boat–it's a long, long way from Haiti to Miami.

Patrick Symmes
Aug 27, 2009

Hugo's World

It's year ten of the REVOLUTION. Venezuela's oil riches are vanishing, and el presidente's "Yankee devil" rhetoric has created the world's most hostile environment for Homo...

Patrick Symmes
Mar 19, 2009

The Cabin of My Dreams

Building a cabin in the wilderness is a nearly universal dream. Honestly, if you haven't had it at some point, there's something wrong with you. But expecting to reasonably realize those dreams?...

Patrick Symmes
Oct 6, 2008

The Generals in Their Labyrinth

Before the rains, before the winds, before the tens of thousands of missing and dead, PATRICK SYMMES sneaked into Burma's secret capital, where the military rules from a sun-baked plain, guided...

Patrick Symmes
Jul 28, 2008

Immersion Therapy

A modest office on the seventh floor of a glass tower at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Light snow is falling. Picture windows look east over Central Park. Enter...

Patrick Symmes
May 2, 2008

Red Is the New Green

Cuba has the Caribbean's largest wetlands and earth's happiest lobsters, but is Fortress Fidel really an environmental paradise? PATRICK SYMMES heads south and finds that bold policies...

Patrick Symmes
Feb 21, 2008

The Kingdom of the Lotus

A not-always-mythic journey to Shambhala, over sky-high mountains and across vicious deserts, requiring boldness of heart, purity of vision, the recitation of 99 million mantras, and $45 worth of...

Patrick Symmes
Oct 1, 2007

The Gods of War

They stared combat in the face and lived to enlighten us, 2,500 years apart

Patrick Symmes
Jun 20, 2007

Leaping Tiger, Drowning River

The world's greatest Communist supereconomy needs all the power it can get. The devil's choice: Keep burning dirty coal, or tap into Yunnan's crashing rivers for clean, cheap electricity...

Patrick Symmes
Mar 27, 2007

Slick Rick

Richard Wiese was the fresh-faced president of the Explorers Club who gave the crusty institution a media-friendly makeover. Now he's vying to be the next TV adventure hero while the club tries to...

Patrick Symmes
Aug 1, 2006

The Sweetest Villains

Syria is an enthusiastic state sponsor of terrorism and a fiendish fan of torture and oppression. But have you tried the stuffed grape leaves? PATRICK SYMMES invades before the coalition of the...

Patrick Symmes
Feb 1, 2006

A Peaceful Angle

It seemed like a good idea: Two war correspondents escape reality into far Mongolia, stalking an otherworldly fish called a taimen. But in the process of cleansing their souls with icy water and...

Patrick Symmes
Sep 1, 2005

The Book

You can't buy it in any store, can't send away for it online, can't meet the author (there are thousands), and you probably won't be able to read it if you do find it, since much of it is written in...

Patrick Symmes
Aug 1, 2005

Gun It, Obi-Wan!

On a madcap lap of the planet, Ewan McGregor and his wingman, Charley Boorman, burned rubber for 20,000 bumpy miles

Patrick Symmes
Nov 1, 2004