Brian Alexander

It's Time to Disband the U.S. Olympic Committee

On Wednesday, Scott Blackmun resigned as chief of the United States Olympic Committee. The public rationale: health problems. Blackmun had been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. But anyone...

Your Dog Does Actually Love You

While it may seem obvious to you that your dog loves you, there’s been very little scientific data that dogs feel the equivalent of love for their owners. Until now, anyway. Findings in two recent...

cvac pod altitude training fitness technology

The Secret Science of Novak Djokovic's Training Pod

It's called the Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning machine, and it looks like a sci-fi egg from outer space. In theory it one-ups standard hypobaric chambers by giving users greater aerobic...

world anti doping agency andrus veerpalu cross country skiing doping science sports politics human growth hormone outside

What's Wrong with the World Anti-Doping Agency?

The case of Andrus Veerpalu, an Olympic gold medal winning Estonian cross country skier who was accused in 2011 of doping with human growth hormone, raises serious questions about WADA's credibility.

Herbalife OutsideOnline Stock Market Supplements

The Supplement Scams Aren't Going Anywhere

Sports nutrition companies have been hawking health-in-a-pill for years with no evidence that their products work at all. And they're getting into possibly-illegal territory, but they just might get...

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