Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander is a writer and author based in California. A frequent contributor to NBCNews and Outside magazine, his work has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Times magazine, Wired, Esquire, The Los Angeles Times magazine, and many others. His most recent book is The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction, written with neuroscientist Larry Young. Follow him on Twitter at @BrianRAlexander.


Tyson Gay and the Fountain of Youth

Following the revelation that the American sprinter tested positive for a banned substance, reports have connected Tyson Gay with an "anti-aging" clinic in Georgia. Brian Alexander explains why...

Why Lance Armstrong Will Never Give In

With evidence piling up that Armstrong cheated to win, should he confess and ask his fans, enemies, and cancer-fighting supporters to forgive him? As Brian Alexander explains, that would be the worst...

Lance Armstrong Adelaide

Lance Armstrong: Victim?

The embattled cyclist says USADA is out to get him—using powers that it really shouldn’t have. Brian Alexander says he’s right.

Water bottles

There's Something In The Water

Can a sports drink called Evolv give you doper-grade stamina and make you filthy rich at the same time? Brian Alexander enters the ziggurat.

Jeff Novitzky and Lance Armstrong

Big Fish

Federal prosecutors announced that they won't bring charges against Lance Armstrong. Brian Alexander covered the investigation when it first started.

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It's the Dog in You

An Oklahoma veterinary scientist named Mike Davis says there's no doubt about it: The world's greatest athletes, of any species, are the canines who pull sleds at the Iditarod. Now, in a project...

Zach Lund

Good Cop, Bad Cop

WADA, The International agency that oversees drug testing in sports, has done a solid job of cleaning up some rotten games. But a growing number of critics contend that it's become overzealous...

Richard Pound

Drug Lord

On the eve of bike racing's greatest event, RICHARD POUND—chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency and the top cop in the war against cheating in sports—weighs in about Lance Armstrong,...

Jack Johnson

Jack Out of the Box

America's multiplatinum surf troubadour rides his dreams like a North Shore break. His secret? If you love what you do, life and work can both be a rip.

Drugs in Sports

The Awful Truth About Drugs in Sports

Cheaters can't be stopped. Testing costs a fortune. It's shockingly easy to beat the system. The drug cops are perpetually playing catch-up. Says who? Drug-testing expert Don Catlin, that's who. He's...

Are You Ready?

The brave new world is coming—fast. With sci-fi fantasy turning into performance-enhancing reality, we separate the hype from breakthroughs you can use.