AC Shilton

Can Dry January Make You a Better Athlete?

Between the spiked eggnog, New Year’s Eve champagne, and the whiskey you self-medicated with during family gatherings, these last few months have likely been an assault on your liver.

The Agent Who Turns Beer Milers Into Pro Runners

All Lewis Kent ever really wanted was some free gear. In early 2015, Kent was the proud owner of a few sub-5 minute beer miles—times that put him among the best in the world. He reached out to shoe...

What Athletes Should Eat at Fast-Food Chains

In late October, Jonathan Levitt, the sales manager at InsideTracker and a November Project junkie, found himself in a bit of a bind. He only had one hour before the start of a Spartan Race in rural...

Are You Ready to Convert to the Church of Capsaicin?

Outside readers are a diverse bunch when it comes to food. (Don't even get them started on high-fat versus high-carb diets.) But when it comes to lacing our food with capsaicin, many of us can agree...

The Definitive Superfood Ranking

It seems like everything these days is considered a superfood, so we decided to look into which of these foods are actually research-backed and which ones are all hype.