AC Shilton

AC Shilton

Stop Wasting Money on Prepackaged Backpacking Food

It can be an intimidating process to go from unboxing your first dehydrator to a backpacking trip with a bagged meal of your own creation. Once you have the hang of it, though, you'll wonder why you...

How to Cook Gourmet Meals in Your Van

This 267-page cookbook is the van chef's bible. It's packed with tips like how to grill a fish on a stick, how to make perfect camp coffee, and how to know when your steak is done if you haven't...

7 Recipes to Un-Boring Your Winter Stew Game

Winding down a perfect snow day always brings a certain level of melancholy. Luckily, the best antidote is an easy one: knowing that a nourishing bowl of soup or stew is waiting for you at home.

The Healthiest Meal Delivery Plans

Whatever your gastronomic resolution may have been this New Year's, enough time has passed that you've probably exhausted your list of diet-specific recipes and the reality of the task before you has...

Dogfish Head Releases...Survival-Ready Beer?

Once or twice a week, Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione stops by his company's small craft beer-themed inn in Lewes, Delaware, to chat with guests. “One question that invariably comes up is 'What is...

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