AC Shilton

AC Shilton


How to Be the Best Trail Angel

It's called trail magic—those glorious random acts of kindness that happen, well, magically, just when you're about to keel over and die after a day's hike.

The Best Ice Cream in the U.S.

Not just any ice cream will do. Let's be clear: This is a guide to the best ice cream shops in America. No frozen yogurt or low-fat dairy desserts allowed. This is about tasty, creamy, full-of-fat...

The Food Adventures We Covet Most

If you're the kind of traveler who thinks a 14-hour flight for the perfect bowl of ramen is justifiable or hikes into a remote Swiss village in search of craft absinthe, then you've found your people.

5 Legit Breakfast Recipes for Camp

You don't need to be a pro to pull off a fantastic campfire breakfast, but you will need a cast-iron skillet or Dutch oven and a bit of time. To help you in this worthwhile endeavor, we tapped a few...

The Best Breweries Near National Parks

While our national parks may be socialist in nature, these breweries will have you thinking “God bless capitalism” as you hand over your last dime in exchange for a cold one.

The Definitive Summer Guide to Shower Beer

We've rounded up our favorite shower beers, which pair perfectly with a cool summer shower, the scent of shampoo, and the sweet satisfaction of knowing you just accomplished two tasks—drinking and...

How to Cook Gourmet Meals in Your Van

This 267-page cookbook is the van chef's bible. It's packed with tips like how to grill a fish on a stick, how to make perfect camp coffee, and how to know when your steak is done if you haven't...