AC Shilton

AC Shilton

8 Tasty New Paleo Snacks

In a perfect world, we'd all eat handcrafted, produce-heavy food for every meal and snack. But take a good look around: Does this look like a perfect world to you?

Is Super-High-Alcohol Beer Even Worth Drinking?

High-alcohol beer no longer refers to just an 8% double IPA. We're talking knock-your-dignity-off high. Like Scottish brewery Brewmeister's recently released Snake Venom, which is 67.5% alcohol by...

Your Favorite Athlete's Favorite Smoothie

It’s frothy-drink season. And while you may be tempted to throw whatever you’ve got lying around into a blender, anyone who has ever choked down a gritty glass of wilted veggies knows there’s more...

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