AC Shilton

AC Shilton

11 of Our Favorite Holiday Beers

When you’re gifted two of the same Star Wars DVDs, it’s a bummer. But when two family members get you beer? That makes your spirits merry and bright.

9 Useful Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

When in doubt, buy the outdoorsy friend in your life something food-related. After all, few are more fanatical about food than those who spend their weekends working up a sweat.

The Ski Lift Snacks Our Editors Love

You could spend an hour or more of your powder day standing in line for a three-day-old prepackaged $14 sandwich. Or you could use the pockets on your parka the way God (or the gear designers)...

The Best Fall Beers for Pumpkin Haters

In summer, no one argues when you hand them a frigid session IPA. In winter, everyone loves a special holiday porter. But come fall, things are a little more complicated.

8 Tasty New Paleo Snacks

In a perfect world, we'd all eat handcrafted, produce-heavy food for every meal and snack. But take a good look around: Does this look like a perfect world to you?

Is Super-High-Alcohol Beer Even Worth Drinking?

High-alcohol beer no longer refers to just an 8% double IPA. We're talking knock-your-dignity-off high. Like Scottish brewery Brewmeister's recently released Snake Venom, which is 67.5% alcohol by...

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