Charlie Zaharoff

Charlie Zaharoff


Hertz Is Not Spying on You

Recent news that one in eight Hertz rental cars has a camera inconspicuously placed in its dashboard GPS system, facing the driver, has led to fears that the car rental agency could be creeping on...

spirit airlines state of hate airplanes air travel

The Real Reason People Hate Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is promulgating a questionnaire that allows passengers to rant about the profusion of things that annoy them about air travel, but really it’s a forum for the no-frills airline to...

pyongyang north korea ebola tourism

North Korea Closes Borders over Ebola Fears

A Beijing-based travel agency received a “panicked” phone call Thursday from its partners in North Korea, claiming “all borders will be completely sealed,” the South China...

san gabriel mountains los angeles california national monument obama

San Gabriels Declared National Monument

On Friday, President Obama will invoke his executive power to designate the San Gabriel Mountains a national monument. Nestled between Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert, the San Gabriels are within...

fruit loops GMOs natural labeling

Most Foods Labeled "Natural" Contain GMOs

A nationwide Consumer Reports survey found that 60 percent of Americans believe foods labeled as "natural" don't contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), when in fact most packaged...