Bob Parks

Bob Parks

Bob Parks (@bobparks) writes from the hills of Vermont. He is an avid runner (2:54:20, Boston Marathon, 2014) and a huge fan of new inventions.


How Can I Stay Hydrated on Long Runs?

I’m training for an ultra and log some long runs in the backcountry. If I carried all my water, I’d probably be running with four pounds of fluid. Is there a lightweight filter I can carry instead?

Kilian Jornet Adventurers of the Year

What Does Kilian Jornet Eat?

After my first marathon, I was so hungry, I remember eating a whole pizza. What does Kilian Jornet, who races 100 miles and more, eat?

What's the Best Long Sleeve Base Layer?

I’m running the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Race in July, and friends have pointed out that it may be cool at night in high elevations and hot during the day. I can’t bring a lot of clothes. What...

What's the Best New Road Racing Shoe?

I train barefoot at an easy pace on trails, but when I race, I tend to run fast 10K’s and 5K’s, and the asphalt isn’t friendly at that pace. What shoes should I wear?

What's the Best Compass for Hiking?

Since I was a kid, it’s been droned into me to carry a map and compass in the outdoors, even if it’s a backup for GPS. What’s the least I can get away with?