Jakob Schiller

Jakob Schiller

#Vanlife, Meet Overlanding

To see more than just paved roads and parking lots, a new breed of explorers are taking a cue from the Aussies

Our Favorite (Affordable) Gear for Kids

You should never pay full price for kids’ outdoor gear because those little buggers outgrow it too quickly. But, when that gear gets discounted, like right now at REI’s Labor Day sale, it’s time to...

6 Pieces of San Francisco–Made Gear We Hella Love

When you think San Francisco, you think tech companies. But the city is also chock-full of outdoor brands building high-end gear right next to the bay. From bikes to bags to boards, here are six of...

The Gear You Need to Start Bike Commuting

It's been well documented that morning exercise increases happiness and health. Now that spring is here, it's time to ditch your car, or the bus, or the train, and start riding your bike to work. To...

The Ultimate Uphill Skiing Setup

Uphill skiing at your local resort is a great way to stay in shape during winter, but there's a high bar for entry since it necessitates so much gear. To help with that list, we've laid out some our...

5 Car Accessories That Should Live in Your Trunk

Each fall, journalists and car geeks from around the world convene in Las Vegas for the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) auto trade show. It's similar to Outdoor Retailer but...

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