Jakob Schiller

Jakob Schiller


Five Pieces of Perfectly Designed Gear

Sometimes you come across gear that’s perfect from the get-go: no tweaking necessary. After years of testing, here are five of our favorites that fit into that category.

Driving the Rubicon Trail

You know those Jeeps you see with "Rubicon" printed across the hood? They're named after the Rubicon Trail, a 22-mile route through the Sierra Nevada outside Lake Tahoe that's chock-full of some of...

The 10 Sweetest Rigs at Overland Expo 2018

At the 2018 Overland Expo West—which for a single weekend each year turns Flagstaff, Arizona, into an overlanding mecca—I set out in search of the sweetest, most eye-catching vehicles. Wandering the...

Six Good Old T-Shirts, Just in Time for Summer

Don’t get me wrong; I’m stoked to have a Gore-Tex jacket during July monsoons. And aero bike jerseys are helpful on long rides. But for most other summer outings, a good-old t-shirt is all I really...

The Perfect Six-Piece Spring Wardrobe

It’s finally warming up all across the country (we’re looking at you, New England). To celebrate, you’ll want ring in the higher temps with bright colors and bold designs.

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