Gordy Megroz

Gordy Megroz

Gordy Megroz is an Outside contributing editor. He lives in Jackson, Wyoming.


The Ultimate Guide to Skiing Utah

With ten ski areas less than an hour from Salt Lake City's airport, incredible backcountry terrain, and guaranteed powder, it's arguably the best ski destination in North America.

Gordy Megroz
Nov 20, 2019

Team USA Is Dominating the Paralympics

Barring a few impressive performances, the highly anticipated American Olympic team underachieved in Pyeongchang, leaving the Games with 23 medals, fourth in the standings. That won’t be the case for...

Gordy Megroz
Mar 16, 2018

Yep, Pizza Can Be a Recovery Fuel

With the right toppings, pizza can offer a winning combination of carbs and protein—perfect before a big effort or to recover afterward.

Gordy Megroz
Mar 15, 2018

Athlete Essentials for Surviving the Olympics

Every four years, we get excited about the new tech debuting at the Winter Olympics. But what doesn't get as much attention are the everyday solutions athletes use to keep themselves up and running...

Gordy Megroz
Feb 16, 2018

The Quadruple Cork Is the Future of Snowboarding

One of the hardest moves we’re likely to see at the 2018 Winter Games was developed the old-school way, by repeatedly bashing out attempt after attempt on cold, unforgiving snow.

Gordy Megroz
Jan 23, 2018