Gordy Megroz

Gordy Megroz

Gordy Megroz is an Outside correspondent and a former Outside editor. He lives in Jackson, Wyoming. Follow him on Twitter: @GordyMegroz.


We'll Miss You, Julia Mancuso

After nearly 20 years of racing, the skier announced her retirement—and the sport will be poorer for her absence.

Gordy Megroz
Jan 19, 2018

How Jackson Hole Survived the Eclipse

From $30,000 Airbnb rentals to animal sacrifices to 100,000 sometimes-naked umbraphiles, this is the wild shit that went down in the Wyoming resort town leading up to last week's astrological dance

Gordy Megroz
Aug 30, 2017

Katie Bono Just Set the Speed Record Up Denali

On June 14 at 3 a.m., Katie Bono crawled into basecamp on Alaska’s Mount Denali, frostbitten and exhausted. Bono had left the same camp, located at 7,200 feet, at 6 a.m. the previous morning,...

Gordy Megroz
Jun 22, 2017

Wylder Will Smash the Outdoor Industry's Glass Ceiling

The women at Wylder Goods had a big dream: to create the world's first online outdoor-gear retailer for women, bust into an industry overrun by bros, and save the planet. All in four not-so-easy...

Gordy Megroz
Jun 15, 2017

This Is What the World's Healthiest Office Looks Like

You walk into your office to find sunlight pouring in the many windows, every workstation with a standing desk, a cafeteria serving farm-to-table food, and a full-service gym that hosts daily spin...

Gordy Megroz
Mar 10, 2017

The Kikkan Effect

The women's U.S. cross-country ski team has always been second-tier, but that's changing thanks largely to Alaskan nordic star Kikkan Randall, a pink-haired skate-skiing powerhouse who trains harder...

Gordy Megroz
Feb 23, 2017

Perfect Day

30 ways to becoming a better person every day

Gordy Megroz
Jan 17, 2017