Brad Stulberg

Brad Stulberg

Brad Stulberg writes and coaches on performance and wellbeing. He is a best-selling author of the books The Passion Paradox and Peak Performance. He lives in Oakland, California.


What Lies Behind Every "Breakthrough" Performance

Most people like to think of progress as a straight line. Though this certainly can be the case, it's not always so—especially not when it comes to observable improvement.

Brad Stulberg
Oct 25, 2018

An Ode to Being Old

What age is someone most likely to achieve their peak performance?

Brad Stulberg
Aug 30, 2018

What Happens to Your Body When You Climb Everest

For those who haven't ascended to the top of the world, it's nearly impossible to imagine the immense physical and psychological challenge of climbing 29,029-foot Mount Everest.

Brad Stulberg
Jun 11, 2018

What Can the NBA Playoffs Teach You About Performance?

I know, I know. I’m a columnist at this magazine, which is literally called Outside, and here I am, writing about a sport that is played exclusively in indoor domes, in the midst of spring no less.

Brad Stulberg
May 17, 2018

Don't Lose Your Edge as You Age

We can all take advantage of the strategies the elites are using to extend their careers in order to extend ours.

Brad Stulberg
May 2, 2018

Want to Perform Better? Play to Win.

Research out of the University of Kent in the United Kingdom shows that when athletes compete with a performance-approach mindset, they tend to perform above and beyond their expectations and...

Brad Stulberg
Apr 30, 2018