Scott Rosenfield

Scott Rosenfield

Scott Rosenfield (@ScottRosenfield) is Outside's digital editorial director.

Operation Puerto Doc Guilty (UPDATE)

Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes, the doctor at the center of the Operation Puerto drug bust, was found guilty Tuesday in a Spanish court of endangering public health, seven years after a raid on his clinic...

Cannibalism at the Jamestown Colony

Anthropologists have found the first physical evidence of cannibalism at the Jamestown colony during the bleak winter of 1609-1610.

Riverboarder Descends the Green Narrows

Pro riverboarder Josh Galt ran the first decent of the Green Narrows—Gorilla rapids included—using nothing but a riverboard and a pair or fins this week.

Metal Detectors for Moscow Marathon

Metal detectors will be installed along the entire course of the Moscow marathon, race organizers announced. In August, runners will converge on Moscow for the world athletics championships.

Running Banned at 3 Oregon Refuges

Oregon officials have planted "no joggings signs" at three national wildlife refuges in the Willamette Valley to discourage behavior that they say will disrupt wildlife.

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