Scott Rosenfield

Scott Rosenfield

Scott Rosenfield (@ScottRosenfield) is Outside's digital editorial director.

WATCH: Human-Powered Helicopter Takes Flight

Officials with the Federation d'Aviation Intenationale—the governing body of international aeronautical prizes—have announced that a Kickstarter funded team has won the Sikorsky Prize,...

Spoiler: Fan Douses Cavendish in Urine

In retaliation for crashing Tom Veelers in yesterday's sprint finish, a fan doused Mark Cavendish with urine during Wednesday's time trial.  

Rare Night Parrot Spotted

An Australian naturalist claims to have captured video footage of the elusive night parrot, a bird not found alive for more than a century.

Tigers In Indonesia Tree Six, Kill One

A group of police and park officials rescued a group of five men who had been treed by six tiger for five days in the Mount Leuser National Park in Indonesia.

The Ted King Scandal

Inside the dispute that ended with one of American's post promising riders leaving the Tour.

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