Ann Abel

Ann Abel


12 Hammock-Lovers’ Hideaways

From $6-a-night secrets to splurge-worthy resorts (and a couple free urban oases), here’s where to escape the grind in a hammock.

Ann Abel
Jun 8, 2015

6 Serious Surf Getaways

I liked “Blue Crush” and “Point Break” as much as the next girl—and have tried surfing on and off for more than a decade—but it took a male co-worker’s suggestion that as a woman I couldn’t be taken...

Ann Abel
May 19, 2015

9 Destinations with Pristine Private Pools

Sometimes you want the people watching and social scene of a lively pool. Other times, you’re not in the mood for screaming, splashing children, or preening.

Ann Abel
May 5, 2015

8 Spring Break Beach Bars for Grown-Ups

Feet in sand, cold beer in hand—does life get any better? Not really, which is why the highlight of a tropical beach vacation is often the moment you stumble upon a simple beach bar where the lobster...

Ann Abel
Mar 13, 2015

The World’s Best Outdoor Bathtubs

Taking a bath outside sounds dreamy, but it isn’t exactly easy. For one, it’s not like you can just plop your tub outside in your backyard. Which may be why hotels and lodges that give you the option...

Ann Abel
Mar 11, 2015

Experience Heaven: Book a Star Bed!

Sleeping under stars is, simply put, awesome. The last sight you see before drifting off makes you marvel at the immensity of the universe and the beauty of those sparkling glimmers of light.

Ann Abel
Feb 5, 2015