Cassie Shortsleeve

Cassie Shortsleeve


How Much Am I Supposed to Sweat During a Workout?

The average person sweats between 0.8 liters (27 ounces—about the size of a large Slurpee) and 1.4 liters (47 ounces) during an hour of exercise. That’s equal to around one to three pounds of body...

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Take Your Lunch Breaks—All of Them

It’s time to ditch lunch with your computer. Get your blood pumping instead, and you may wind up a more efficient worker all afternoon, no extra screen time required.

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Become a Renaissance Athlete

Most great athletes are synonymous with their sport. You see Kelly Slater, you think surfing; Julia Mancuso, skiing. But here’s the thing: even pros do other sports.

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Learn to Love the Nap

Naps are like snacks—with a good game plan, they can revitalize you, improving your mood and cognitive function, says Dr. Christopher Winter, medical director of the sleep center at Martha Jefferson...

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Take a Sick Day When You’re Feeling Great

We know what you’re thinking. I don’t even use all my vacation days. Why should I fake being sick? How’s this even a good habit? Two answers: You are going to use all your vacation days this year,...

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Have Your Morning Coffee

There are two ways of washing the dishes, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanah writes in The Miracle of Mindfulness. You can wash the dishes for the sake of making tea. Or you can wash the dishes for the sake...

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Eat the Same Breakfast Every Day

Steve Jobs was famous for his black turtleneck sweaters. Mark Zuckerberg wears the same gray t-shirt every day. And President Obama only wears blue suits. It’s not because they’re lazy

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Charge Your Phone in the Kitchen

Two things about your smartphone: it emits blue light, and it can keep your brain on high alert. Put them together and you’ve got a recipe for a disastrous night in bed.

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Embarrass Yourself... Once a Month

Something about messing up has us tip toeing around mistakes. But embarrassment can actually help us get ahead by making risk-taking seem a little bit less risky.

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Commute Without Your Car

So you don’t get to take a Google bus to work. There are still ways to make your commute more tolerable—fun, even—that will simultaneously make you happier, calmer, and more creative.