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Our Nine Favorite Small Brand Products

Even Patagonia was tiny back in the day, which is why we’re always searching for the best small companies to watch. Here are products from some of our favorites right now.

Our Nine Favorite Shorts for Summer

After a winter of long johns, Gore-Tex, and jeans, we're ready to see our shins again. Here are nine options to let those knees breathe.

All You Need Is a Good T-Shirt

Fancy and technical is great when you're talking about Gore-Tex jackets. But when it comes to T-shirts, we want them as simple and comfortable as possible. Here are eight of our favorites.

These Six Fleece Essentials Got Us All Hot

Fleece is part of the de facto uniform in mountain towns, making everything from mid-layers to beanies cozier, warmer, and better looking. Here are six reasons to love the stuff even more.

10 Reasons Why Gear Makers Love Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, is the heart of the country music scene, but it has also become a city of makers. From gorgeous longboards to some of the country’s best beer, here’s a roundup of our favorite...

8 Reasons Why We Love Trucker Hats

The trucker hat is an essential piece of kit here at Outside. We use them to keep the sun off our faces on the skin track and the sweat out of our eyes during post-work trail runs. Plus, they always...

It's Time for Max Siegel to Go

His alleged lavish spending is only his most recent misstep. Over the past four years, the USA Track & Field CEO has repeatedly put corporate interests above those of his athletes.

9 Reasons Why You Should Wear Performance Denim

Yes, you can get a pair of $30 jeans. But if you're willing to pay more, you're going to get a better pair of pants. Premium denim has a fit more attuned to active body shapes, significantly better...

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