Shelby Carpenter

Shelby Carpenter


What Happens When Climbing Bolts Go Bad?

The protection that sport climbers take for granted is rapidly deteriorating at crags around the country. Experts worry that as more climbers take falls on old bolts, we could see more accidents,...

Should Women Be Barefoot Running?

A new study claims going barefoot can help women avoid injury more than men—but other experts say that’s a faulty conclusion. Because the study authors didn’t include a group of male subjects to...

pacific crest trail shawn forry Justin Lichter

First-Ever Winter Thru-Hike of the PCT

By mid-November, Shawn Forry and Justin Lichter had made covered more than 600 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail when their trip nearly ground to a halt in northern Oregon.

Injured? Fear Is Your Biggest Enemy.

Fear, researchers are finding, plays an enormous role in an athlete’s recovery. In fact, it can determine whether or not an athlete ever makes a full recovery—and that fact is often overlooked, says...

The Fight for Public Lands Just Got Serious

This month saw a bill introduced that would limit presidential authority to protect the natural wonders of the U.S.—and it is far more likely to pass than its predecessors. Here's why that's a very...