Kim Cross

Kim Cross

Author of the New York Times bestselling What Stands in a Storm, Kim Cross is a certified mountain-bike coach and certifiably crazy about fly fishing. In a past life, she was a national champion water skier.


Marianne Vos Is the Boss

The world’s best bike racer is a woman: Vos, a 31-year-old Dutch superstar with more than 300 podium finishes. She’s also an activist, taking on the fight against gender inequality in a sport whose...

Deepwater Horizon Response

The $37 Billion Oil Spill

Everyone remembers how it started: on April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded off the coast of Louisiana, rupturing the Macondo well below it.

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Mountain Biking Takes It Inside

Seventy-five feet under the Louisville Zoo, in a labyrinth of Kentucky limestone mined into Swiss cheese, a few million pounds of soil have been sculpted into the trails, berms, and jumps at Mega...