Peter Frick-Wright

Peter Frick-Wright


Shocking Stories of Survival

How much until you break? For these adventure catastrophe survivors, there is no limit.

Peter Frick-Wright and Will Cockrell
Dec 27, 2018

Zac Efron’s Secret #VanLife Dreams

At this point, Zac Efron’s life seems almost completely public: he’s got a tabloid love life, he’s not shy about removing his shirt, and he’s fairly open about having been to rehab.

Peter Frick-Wright
Oct 9, 2017

Real Survival Begins After You've Made It Out Alive

Over the past year and a half of producing the Science of Survival series for the Outside Podcast, we’ve spoken to dozens of people who endured life-threatening ordeals. By combining their stories...

Peter Frick-Wright and Robbie Carver
Aug 24, 2017

Why Fenn's Deadly Treasure Hunt Should Go On

Two people have died in pursuit of Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. New Mexico’s Chief of Police is pleading with him to call it off. But how dangerous is it, really?

Peter Frick-Wright
Jun 28, 2017

What Happened to Eastern Airlines Flight 980?

On New Year's Day in 1985, Eastern Air Lines Flight 980 was carrying 29 passengers and a hell of a lot of contraband when it crashed into the side of a 21,112-foot mountain in Bolivia. For decades...

Peter Frick-Wright
Oct 18, 2016

How Jogging in Burundi Became an Act of War

For a decade, the African nation of Burundi was home to a unique phenomenon: group jogs involving thousands of people who hit the streets to sing, socialize, and sometimes protest the nation’s...

Peter Frick-Wright
Mar 18, 2016

On the Hunt for America's Last Great Treasure

Millionaire Forrest Fenn launched a thousand trips when he announced in 2010 that he had filled a chest with gold, rubies, and diamonds, and hidden it somewhere north of Santa Fe.

Peter Frick-Wright
Aug 11, 2015