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Deb Hopewell

Deb Hopewell


Would You Fly in a Plane Made of Hemp?

Canadian Derek Kesek has set about making the first airplane made almost entirely of hemp. That’s right, Cannabis. (Don’t bother with the “flying high” jokes, he’s heard them all.)

Deb Hopewell
Mar 16, 2015

$750 to Change a Flight Is Not OK

Flying international? You could end up paying more than half the original price of the ticket if you have to reschedule. But one group is trying to change that. Here's why they won't succeed.

Deb Hopewell
Feb 26, 2015

No, United Won't Honor Your $5 Airfare

Pricing snafus can be a wonderful thing for travelers, but they also reveal that airlines aren’t as vigilant over their databases as they should be.

Deb Hopewell
Feb 13, 2015