Deb Hopewell

Deb Hopewell


Best Towns Runners-up, Part One

These towns didn’t make the final cut in out Best Towns 2015 bracket. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to love about them — we think they’re worth a second look!

Deb Hopewell
Jul 22, 2015

6 Ways to Go Car Camping

On the totem of simple summer getaways, car camping is at the top—almost all the gear you need can be culled from your garage, you don’t have to go very far, and there’s no need to give up too many...

Deb Hopewell
Jun 19, 2015

I Want to Hit the Road. Should I Buy a Camper?

Think “Winnebago” and you probably think about how the hell you’re going to pay for retirement. But a funny thing is happening: A whole new group of younger nomads have fallen for the tiny-home craze...

Deb Hopewell
Jun 2, 2015

California Coastal Trail Dreamin’

Anyone who’s driven California's Pacific Coast Highway knows that the Golden State’s shoreline is a breathtaking jewel. If you’ve ever imagined the Cali coast as a thru-hike, you’re not alone, which...

Deb Hopewell
May 28, 2015

How a $5 Fee Can Transform a National Park

Next year’s National Park Service centennial is expected to draw a record 295 million visitors to its properties. Meanwhile, the NPS is struggling with how to deal with deferred maintenance—roads,...

Deb Hopewell
May 4, 2015

Spend Cash on Travel, Not Things

It’s human nature to equate happiness with tangible stuff. We get it. But while the allure of that shiny new thing will fade quickly, the luster of a life-changing trip will last far longer than your...

Deb Hopewell
Apr 23, 2015

Hemp May Be the Future of Flying

If all goes according to schedule, the four-seater plane—which will be made of no less than 75 percent hemp, and will run on hemp-based bio-fuel—will make its maiden flight sometime this fall or next...

Deb Hopewell
Mar 16, 2015

Inside the Messed Up World of Airline Change Fees

When an unexpected delay forced Neil Saiki, a bicycle designer based in Santa Cruz, Calif., to miss his Delta flight from Zurich to San Francisco, he had no choice but to fork over $250 to change his...

Deb Hopewell
Feb 26, 2015

No, United Won't Honor Your $75 Airfare

Pricing snafus can be wonderful things for travelers, but they also reveal that airlines aren’t as vigilant over their databases as they should be.

Deb Hopewell
Feb 13, 2015