David Ferry

Big-Wave Surfers Are Making SUP Cool

A quiet contingent of prominent pro surfers have taken up stand-up paddleboarding, in spite of its reputation as a leisure activity of lesser wave riders.

How to Be a Cousteau in the 21st Century

Jacques Cousteau’s grandson, who stars in an upcoming “Shark Week” special, talks about ocean exploration in the 21st century, carrying on his grandfather’s legacy, and what we can learn from nuclear...

What's Killing Hawaii's Trees?

The ecological history of Hawaii, especially in today’s globalized world, is a story of continual invasion. But now, a fungus spreading through one of the island state's most ecologically important...

Why Did Super Bowl 50 Cancel Mavericks?

The highly anticipated Mavericks surfing contest has been nixed this weekend even as epic waves roll into Northern California's coast. Blame the Super Bowl.

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