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The 20 Richest Olympic Athletes

Most Olympic athletes scrape by for the love of their sport. But these 20 have the economic power of a small country.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Squats

The squat might give you the most calorie-burning, performance-enhancing bang for your buck of any exercise. But you don’t need to do the classic dump-in-the-woods to realize the move’s powerful...

A New Sport's the Best Cross Training

Does your training routine feel a little, well, routine? No doubt, logging mindless miles on the road or trail for your next race or adventure can quickly become an exercise in the mundane. If so,...

Stop Doing Standard Pushups!

Most outdoor athletes lack upper body pushing strength. That not only hinders your performance, but can also lead to imbalances that set you up for injury. The simplest way to remedy the problem:...

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Five Foolproof Strength Exercises

You’re in a slump. No, seriously, check yourself right now. Are you reading these words hunched over a keyboard or bowed above your smart phone?

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