Ben Yeager

Forget Bourbon, Summer's Best Liquors Are All Unaged

While everybody wants to make a Scotch or a bourbon, focusing on aged spirits isn’t a smart business move for a startup. Newer distilleries are creating clear liquors like gin, vodka, white rum and...

This Company Wants to Be the Uber of Guides

With more than 27,000 guides nationwide operating as part of the $1 billion outdoor industry, you’d think it’d be easy to book a fishing trip in Colorado. Turns out it’s not, something James Hamilton...

Oxfam Hires Porters to Rebuild Nepal

Emergency response nonprofit Oxfam has begun employing high-altitude workers to rebuild and supply aid to remote villages in the Khumbu Valley—the region Everest climbers pass through on their way to...

Your Next Surfboard Will Be Made from Algae

Surfers often feel totally connected to the environment, but their boards are pieces of plastic produced through the use of fossil fuels. A couple of men thought this didn’t make sense and decided to...

Sally Jewell Touts Value of Outdoor Industry

Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell discussed the growing financial importance of wild places in the United States and underscored the importance of the government evaluating growth in...

Should Helicopters Be Allowed on Everest?

At issue is whether expanding the use of helicopters will make the mountain safer or more perilous, and whether it undermines the spirit of climbing the mountain.

If You Build It, Surfers Will Come

The Wedge and First Peak were both built accidentally. Now a group of Floridians want to mimic that phenomenon in the world’s first intentional enhanced-surf arena. And the payoff for the area—and...


Red Bull Is Making Sailing a Contact Sport

Red Bull announced March 4 that two Olympic champions and Red Bull Sailing Team members, Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher, have begun searching for sailors ages 16-to-20 to fill the roster of a...

Diana Nyad's One-Woman Swim Show

Thirty-five years later, having accomplished her goal at 64-years old after two more attempts, Nyad is showcasing her life story in the way she knows best: onstage.

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