Whitney Spivey

Whitney Spivey

Whitney Spivey (Dreier) is a three-time Boston Marathon finisher, a member of the U.S. National Snowshoe Racing Team, and an expert baker (check out her DIY energy bar recipe here). 


Michael Phelps Ends Retirement

Michael Phelps will compete for the first time since the London Olympics at the Arena Grand Prix in Mesa, Arizona, on April 24 to 26. 

Running Legend Frank Shorter On Boston

Frank Shorter—who won gold in marathon in the 1972 Summer Olympics—is often credited for starting the running boom across the United States in the 1970s. Here, he tells Outside about his experience...

Boston Marathon 2014 jackets

Orange is the New Boston

Adidas first partnered with the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) back in 1989 to create a line of apparel—hats, jackets, tights, shirts, you name it—that runners could purchase at the marathon expo...

Record Marathon Finishes in 2013

Last year was a record year for the marathon, according to Running USA’s Marathon Report. Approximately 541,000 runners completed one of 1,100 26.2-mile events across the United States in...