Whitney Spivey

Whitney Spivey

Whitney Spivey (Dreier) is a three-time Boston Marathon finisher, a member of the U.S. National Snowshoe Racing Team, and an expert baker (check out her DIY energy bar recipe here).


Run, Don't Fall, this Winter

Seconds after giving an interview about running in the snow, a Portland woman wiped out—on television. Don't repeat her mistakes.

Whitney Spivey
Feb 11, 2014

Beat the Cold on Course

From fat biking and snowshoe racing to winter trail running, there has never been more opportunity—or more variety—for competing on snow. Here's how to thrive when the mercury drops.

Whitney Spivey
Feb 6, 2014

How To Win Your First 100-Miler

In his 100-mile debut, the Sausalito resident wins the Huntsville, Texas, ultramarathon in an impressive 13:17:42.

Whitney Spivey
Feb 5, 2014

Kit Crawford on Lunafest

The co-owner of Clif Bar speaks up about the traveling women’s film festival.

Whitney Spivey
Jan 7, 2014


Whitney Spivey
Dec 4, 2013

Eat Like a Pro During the Holidays

Even the pros indulge. Take a plate off of their tables, and learn how to prepare the ultimate fruitarian, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free holiday meals.

Whitney Spivey
Nov 27, 2013