Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin, author of Run Simple: A Minimalist Approach to Fitness and Well Being, is a West Point and U.S. Army Ranger School graduate, World War I painter, top-300 U.S. marathoner in 2006, and a father of four. His work has appeared in ESPN.com, Running Times, and Competitor Magazine


Track Workouts: You’re Doing Them Wrong

At some point during training, most serious runners workout on a 400-meter oval. It’s a great idea; track workouts can build strength, increase confidence, and teach runners proper pacing. The bad...

Harry’s Jimmy Chin Shave Set

You don't think of most rugged alpinists as well groomed and clean shaven, but thanks to Harry’s Jimmy Chin Shave Set, you can summit with a smooth face.


Back in the day, body lubricants were intended for one of three things: sport, hair, or sex. But now there's Überlube, the the one-stop shop for all your sex, hair, and sport needs.

The Dirt on All Things Trail Running

Lisa Jhung is the author of a new, illustrated book designed to help runners ditch the asphalt called "Trailhead: The Dirt on All Things Trail Running." We caught up with Jhung to get schooled in the...

Treeline Outdoors Half Hatchet

Yes, a hatchet can serve as an important survival tool (think: building shelter, chopping firewood, cutting meat). But this one from Treeline Outdoors would look just as good on a mantle as in the...

Boréal Bikes SmrtGrips

With new gadgets, the word “smart” gets thrown around so often it's become cliche. But we think the Boréal Bikes SmrtGrips, designed to prevent you from getting lost or even save your life, actually...

Feit Wool Hiker

Forking out nearly $700 for a pair of hiking boots might sound excessive, but don’t let the hefty price tag attached to the Feit Wool Hiker discourage you. With a plush merino wool lining and an...

Monohm Runcible

Imagine: a cell phone that never becomes obsolete despite the ever-forward advancements in technology. The makers of the Monohm Runcible have created just that in package that will age as well as the...

Leatherman Tread

Seldom are we surprised by a multitool. But we've done a double-take with the Leatherman Tread, which is designed to be worn around the wrist like a luxury watch.

maarno folding sled winter sledding convenient portable covet

Maarno Folding Sled

Let’s face it: Sleds are great when you’re on them, but who likes dragging them around or finding places to store them after the fun’s over? Leave it to European ingenuity to solve that problem with...