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Ian Dille

Ian Dille

Ian Dille has been a contributing writer for Bicycling since 2007 and has scoured the world seeking out cycling’s most captivating stories. Coauthor of The Price of Gold with Olympic champion Marty Nothstein, he has also written for Texas Monthly and Slate. He lives in Austin, TX.


Inside the Cut-Throat World of Strider Bike Racing

As our writer cheered on his three-year-old at the Strider Cup in Texas—a merciless race replete with tears, anxiety, and elation—he had one question: Is intense competition good for the tiniest of competitors?

Ian Dille
May 31, 2017

The Future of Anti-Doping

Like it or not—(not)—suspicion still clouds pro bike racing. Is there a way racers can prove they're clean? One wild plan to quell the critics.

Ian Dille
Aug 19, 2013

These sports aren't necessarily deadly, but they certainly instill an imminent sense of death—which is what makes them so thrilling and why we can't look away.

Ian Dille
Aug 7, 2013

Do doping scandals dampen TV turnout for the Tour, and should you watch this year’s race in light of Armstrong’s recent downfall? Ian Dille says, not really and, yes.

Ian Dille
Jun 28, 2013

And U.S. fans have made the sport’s culture of booze, brats, and revelry all their own

Ian Dille
Feb 4, 2013

Increasingly, race organizers are testing non-elite athletes for performance-enhancing drugs. But is it fair, or even possible, to hold amateurs to the same stringent standards as the pros?

Ian Dille
Aug 24, 2012