H. Thayer Walker

H. Thayer Walker


Keen Zerraport - Sandals: Reviews

Keen Zerraport - Sandals: Reviews

A rubber toe guard armors the forefoot, while little slits in the outsole's rubber grip tenaciously on rock. Chilling out? Remove the heel strap and wear it like a flip-flop. keenfootwear.com

Teva Karnali Wraptor - Sandals: Reviews

Teva Karnali Wraptor - Sandals: Reviews

Always getting in and out of the water? This true land/water hybrid has a layer of mesh sandwiched in the sole that drains water like a sieve. Bonus: An antimicrobial treatment helps fight funk....

Columbia Titanium Kailua - Sandals: Reviews

Columbia Titanium Kailua - Sandals: Reviews

Great traction isn't limited to the Kailua's sole. When I was tromping around the jungles of Panama, the combination of overlapping Velcro straps and a grippy footbed kept my wet feet firmly and...

Mion Current - Sandals

Mion Current - Sandals: Reviews

Cross a rubber tire with a sandal and you get this cool beast. A pull-through cord snugs each "rib" (actually made with EVA plastic foam) down like a clamp for great stability. www.mionfootwear.com

Keen Venice H2 - Sandals

Keen Venice H2 - Sandals: Reviews

Waffling between a shoe and a sandal? The H2's blend of protection, support, and air conditioning make it the perfect compromise. Just don't expect to slip into it like a flip-flop. www.keenfootwear....

Lowa Centurio - Sandals

Lowa Centurio - Sandals: Reviews

During portages, the Centurio's Vibram sole stuck to slick rocks. Soft neoprene lining feels great against bare skin and protects your foot topside. www.lowaboots.com

Teva Guide '06 L/C - Sandals

Teva Guide '06 L/C - Sandals: Reviews

Monofilament-nylon webbing keeps your foot straitjacket snug when you're in water all day. The quick-release heel buckle is smart—if potentially breakable. www.teva.com

Ecco Yucatan - Sandals

Ecco Yucatan - Sandals: Reviews

Get a performance fit without a river-guide vibe. Waterproof leather and an antimicrobial footbed raise the price but come in handy on vacation in, say, the Yucatán. www.eccousa.com

Chaco ZX/2 - Sandals

Chaco ZX/2 - Sandals: Reviews

Chaco's retooled midsoles are almost 25 percent lighter than their weighty predecessors but still hike like supremely ventilated boots. The double straps and split toe yield good control but don't...

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