Katherine LaGrave

Katherine LaGrave

Katherine LaGrave is a New York-based writer and photographer whose work can be found in Popular ScienceNational Geographic Traveler, andThe New York Times. Follow her on Twitter @kjlagrave



Real Adventurers Drink Their Food

Much of Ambronite’s appeal lies in its convenience and nutritional content. Within five minutes, you can mix the powder with liquid and be done with a relatively filling, healthy meal—if you drink...

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The Finest Gingerbread Brews

What was once a fringe drink has gone mainstream, with dozens of breweries now offering sweet and spicy gingerbread suds.

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The Hottest Pepper Beers on the Market

Of all the subsets of craft brewing, pepper brewing—or adding hot pepper juices, oils, and peppers to beer—is definitely the spiciest. Think you can withstand the heat?