Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy is a freelance writer based in Boulder, Colorado. She is the author of The Yoga (Man)ual and writes the Wall Street Journal's What's Your Workout column. Between deadlines she tries to surf, snowboard, trail run, and bike as much as possible. 



The Wild World of the Underwater Torpedo League

The brainchild of former Marine Raiders, underwater torpedo is played in the deep end of a large pool. The aim is to get a ten-ounce, ten-inch-long torpedo-shaped toy into a kid's hockey net anchored...

Jen Murphy
Feb 3, 2020

TGR's New Hotel in Jackson Hole Is Actually Sweet

TGR's founders, brothers Steve and Todd Jones, hope to give their fans a taste of the athlete lifestyle by branching into the travel space with a new hotel and TGR-athlete-hosted trips.

Jen Murphy
Dec 9, 2019

This Lodge Is the Arctic Base Camp of Our Dreams

At Niehku Mountain Villa in Swedish Lapland, some 120 miles from the Arctic Circle, the Scandanavian law that gives people the right to (respectfully) walk, cycle, forage, ski, and camp on anyone’s...

Jen Murphy
Nov 28, 2019

This Bike Messenger Is So Good, He's Sponsored for It

Some would describe zipping in and out of Manhattan traffic on two wheels as suicidal. Austin Horse, a Red Bull-sponsored bike courier, thinks it's romantic. "Being a bike messenger in New York City...

Jen Murphy
Sep 13, 2017