Meaghen Brown

Meaghen Brown

Meaghen Brown is a contributing writer and former editor at Outside. Follow her on Instagram @meaghenbrown.


For the Super-Crafty Kitchen Chemist

Bump up your cooking game at home and at camp.  [photo]2133026[/photo] Peg and Awl Cutting and Serving Board Guaranteed Pleaser The rugged charm of the Peg and Awl Cutting...

Meaghen Brown and Joe Jackson
Nov 4, 2016

How Fasting Could Make You Faster

A growing number of ­scientists, athletes, and even a retired general believe that ­fasting leads to better health. Should you listen?

Meaghen Brown
Aug 29, 2016

Beyond Cupping: The Weird Ways Olympians Are Recovering

You’ve seen the cupping marks on Michael Phelps’ shoulders, but other athletes are also using a variety of eastern medicine practices to recover better and stay in peak condition through the Games.

Meaghen Brown
Aug 19, 2016

How Do We Keep Doping Out of Trail Running?

Ultrarunner Gonzalo Calisto, who placed fifth in last year’s UTMB, was recently busted for doping. His indictment posed a grave question: can the sport save itself before it's too late?

Meaghen Brown
Aug 4, 2016

The Best Books, Movies, and Magazines About Running

For those who run, the sport is a subject of inexhaustible interesting. From goosebump-inducing trail porn to the most thoughtful ruminations on running and life, here's how we stock our running...

Meaghen Brown
Jul 5, 2016

Style Special: Beyond Aloha

The district of Kakaako in Honolulu has been a lot of things—a burial site, a farming community for Hawaiian royalty, and a neighborhood of rundown auto-repair shops. Most recently, thanks to a...

Meaghen Brown
Jun 16, 2016

8 Tools Athletes Use to Fight the Heat

Here are eight products to help you keep your core temperature down and your performance up as you adapt to summer temperatures.

Meaghen Brown
Jun 9, 2016