Matt Skenazy

Matt Skenazy

Matt Skenazy is a senior editor at Outside. 



Can Shocking Your Brain Make You a Better Athlete?

A new device called Halo Sport promises to improve performance by stimulating your mind. We zapped our brains in the name of science to see if it could really make us faster.

Wes Judd and Matt Skenazy
Nov 17, 2016

Some Parks are Empty. And We Mean Empty.

The rarely visited national park is home to tropical beaches, pristine coral reefs, some untapped surf, and not much else. Matt Skenazy went exploring and found a few good waves and a lot of mysterious South Seas mojo.

Matt Skenazy
Jun 7, 2016

Don't Call William Finnegan a Surf Writer

A conversation with the journalist whose 2015 surfing memoir, 'Barbarian Days,' just won the Pulitzer Prize, about tapping his passion for a book project, and what his favorite breaks are

Matt Skenazy
Apr 26, 2016