Matt Skenazy

Matt Skenazy

Matt Skenazy is a senior editor at Outside. 


Hunting for Surf in American Samoa

The rarely visited national park of American Samoa is home to tropical beaches, pristine coral reefs, some untapped surf, and not much else. Matt Skenazy went exploring and found a few good waves and...

The Trail Running Essentials of 2016

[photo]2079481[/photo] The North Face Runners Hat  Trucker hats block sun and look rad. The North Face took it a step further, adding a mesh sweatband around the rim to keep sunscreen...

Can Surfing Reprogram the Veteran’s Brain?

There's no quick fix for post-traumatic stress disorder, but research has shown that surfing's physicality and flow can give victims some relief and a way forward. The author hit the water with his...