Where's the Best Cheap Bike Touring in Europe?

I want to do some serious bike touring on the continent, but without paying top Euro. What are the best bets for affordable routes?

Jul 17, 2013
Outside Magazine
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One of the great things about bike touring is that it’s always a pretty affordable way to travel: Camping, skipping the costs of rail passes or rental cars and eating simply cuts way down on costs. If you're traveling on a budget, Poland, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria remain among the cheapest countries, while places like England and Switzerland are much steeper. As a general rule, the north and west are spendier, and the east and south are less so.

But don’t give up entirely on the more expensive parts of the continent. Particularly if you’re new to cycle touring, they’re home to the most established, most logistically simple routes. Here are some ideas for both traditional and cheap routes to get you started.

Danube Cycle Path
North Sea Cycle Route

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