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My husband doesn't believe that snow chains are great for mud, too. Can you set him straight?

The Wild File: Snow/Mud Chains


A. Absolutely. The old saw about chains digging you deeper is hooey; they provide more grip. X Games superstar Travis Pastrana, the current record holder for an over-water jump in a car, believes chains are a good idea for any sort of slippery condition. "I never go mudding without a few chains," he says. If you're like most people, you never go mudding at all, except unintentionally. But even so, if there's a chance of mud, throw in a set of chains just in case. Pastrana's other recipes for gumbo: Keep moving and rocking, rather than spinning. But if you do get bogged down? "Once the vehicle bottoms out on the frame, it's game over," says Pastrana. "Time to start digging."

Thule XB16 snow chain

Thule XB16 snow chain

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Thule