Adventure in Honduras: Beaches

I want to take a trip to somewhere in Central America where I can see the rainforest and spend some time on the beach. Should I go with Costa Rica or Honduras?

Mar 27, 2013
Outside Magazine
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Keys of Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras    Photo: Christopher Poe/Shutterstock.com


Sand and sun worshippers, not to mention scuba divers and deep-sea fishing nuts, love the reef-protected Bay Islands, which lie 10 to 30 miles off the northern coast. But for an even more laid-back and culturally rich experience, take the ferry from the port city of La Ceiba to the roadless cay of Utila. The clarity, warm temperatures, and dense aquatic life make diving in the turquoise water here as rewarding as anywhere in the Caribbean. Stay in a bungalow at the Laguna Beach Resort, which has the nicest digs on the island. The resort can book fishing or dive trips and other excursions, and the rates are reasonable, starting at $145 a night.