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Brett Cody Roger's Topsheet

Some of the graphics on skis and snowboards are really spectacular. Who draws this stuff?

Brett Cody Roger's Topsheet

Photo: Ailine Liefeld for Freunde von F

Brett Cody Rogers was sitting at his computer one day when a message came in from the creative director of Burton: “Would you be interested in making some snowboard graphics for us?”

Rogers is a rising star in the fine art world, with recent solo shows in Berlin, Paris, London, and Los Angeles, but he’d never done graphics. He was thrilled—but cautious. He combed through the email's routing details to make sure it wasn't a joke.

Rogers was a bit confused, because there was no way the company could have known that he has a deep-seated love for snowboarding. “When I first started snowboarding, the graphic on my board was like a Jackson Pollack splatter painting in '80s colors,” says the 35-year-old. “I think these kinds of images sort of get embedded in your memory. So of course I emailed back immediately with an emphatic YES.”

Rogers' style seems well suited to Burton's board. He typically starts out his more recent paintings with a bold X across the canvass, then works in fluid brush marks. Of course, the X resonates well with the Custom X model name, but on a deeper level, the mix of motion around a fixed center plays with the way top athletes will use the board this winter. “The X become a guideline for me,” says Rogers. “I find I get further if I place limits on myself. I use it as a compositional placeholder, then make everything shift around that. That way, the image feels both fixed and in motion at the same time.”

The exercise of preparing his paintings for the board has also put Rogers in touch with his past. He lives in Los Angeles now, and only gets on the snow a few times a year, but he grew up around the sport, “when most ski resorts didn’t allow snowboarding.” It makes him smile to see how far he’s come. From the days when he wore “lime green pants with black knee patches, teal and purple coat, and iridescent Oakley goggles” to being listed on the Burton website. He may never have gotten sponsorship, but click to see the board’s technical specs and you'll find his name.

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