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Speed Skates: Roces Speed Racer

I’m no Apolo Ohno, but I have been curious about speed skating ever since I saw people doing it on a local river last winter. I have never seen speed skating equipment in stores. Do the skates cost an arm and a leg?

Speed Skates: Roces Speed Racer

Roces Speed Racer Photo: Courtesy of Roces

The Italian-made Roces Speed Racer is the Fiat roadster of the speed skate—not really for racing, but more suited to fast fun. If your idea of a good time is flying along a glassy lake at 18mph, grab these instead of hockey or figure skates. They have all the hallmarks of competitive models—long blades, a fast grind to the steel—with the comforts of a typical skate, such as molded, insulated liners and a removable foot bed. Underfoot is professional race blade in carbon steel with a curved tip to handle rough outdoor ice. They also look cool, but your friends with big-box-store skates won’t notice. By the time they get on the ice, you’ll be a speck on the other side of the lake. Around $200; available from various U.S. retailers online.

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